Please give me your precious comments so that I can keep on improving my skill. Thank you in advance!

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chiweilee wrote
on 10 Nov 2013 4:19 AM

Dear Friends,

I enjoy drawing with pencils and would like to draw until the day I'm too weak to hold a pencil with my hand.

You're welcome to visit my online pencil-sketch gallery.  Please give me your invaluable comments so that I can keep on improving my skill.  Thank you in advance!



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jayarkay wrote
on 13 Dec 2013 2:47 PM

Dear Chi-Wei,

I've been to your blogspot and as a general comment I would say that your love of drawing really comes through in your work.

Generally speaking here are the following points I have noticed.

Most of your work is directed at drawing objects in isolation, very well gradated with tone to show shape. Rather like an illustrator who wants to show all sides of a thing to identify it.  I'd like to encourage you to attempt more groups of objects where there are things at the front partially obscuring the objects behind, this way they will seem a more natural way of depicting a still life.

The fact that you give so much attention to detail means that there is often far too heavy a modelling overall but far more serious is sometimes a tendency to overlook the basic structure of the object and get the proportions slightly wrong. I'd advise you to spend more time in checking these (at least the height relevant to the width of the object before you dive into the lovely detail.

I think that you could usefully give some attention to the composition used by other artists. I'm not suggesting that you make slavish copies of their work but really study how they put objects together and arrange them to produce a pleasing whole. There is some good advice to be had from Googling "Pictorial Composition."

You may find my book on Composition useful, you can read it on line if you go to:

Into Composition (Link opens in new window)

Hope this helps



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