handling w/c paint & palette... getting values correct

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gitpen wrote
on 12 Feb 2013 11:41 PM

All - new member here. I hope I'm not repeating someone's earlier question for help. I'm relatively new to watercolor media (an off 'n on oil painter for decades, and pencil guy...) but very inspired by a couple guys like John Lovett and Stephen Quiller. What I'd like to find is an real good video with some careful demos of just how to handle w/c paints & the water. I am just stumbling badly on how to go about mixing correctly so I can get the need values (you know, gradations/intensity) when getting the paint on the brush and thence to paper. It's much easier to control in oil, it seems. With w/c before I know it I've lost control of the darkness/lightness I need and it's all "a wash", or maybe "awash".  I learn best by watching, so a good vid would be nice. Lots of demos out there on what to paint, I need something else. Thx much.

gitpen, Lakeport CA

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