Watercolor mixed media (watercolor pencils,sharpies, ink, gel pens...)

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on 9 Feb 2013 9:06 PM


I've been experimenting with watercolor and mixed media recently and would love some critique. It's surprisingly difficult to find considering the wide use of social media these days. Thanks for your time! :)

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on 1 Mar 2013 6:00 AM

Hi Kelsey, was very interested in your mixed media, as i have also recently started playing with it. Im not going to crit it as im not in a position to do so, but i do like it, and say keep on with the experimenting. Do you have music on while you work? i find it a help to get in the right mood. Best wishes

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peterrsergen wrote
on 6 Apr 2013 6:18 AM

I would like to tell you that you did a superb job to draw this mixed media type of painting. I am surprised to see in this painting the way you have been used colors in your painting. It looks an outstanding painting.

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