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artproof wrote
on 20 Sep 2012 9:07 AM

ArtProof is a unique site in the art field, it unites the cases of art theft & art forgery in world wide. The illicit trade in art has penetrate to the legale art trade market. Forged and stolen artworks can be found on auctions, private co

llections and in possessions of
known art dealers. On this page you'll find a link for relevant news on new art forgeries and thefts cases. This important information is updated on a daily basis.

When an art enthusiast is willing to aquire a work of art, he experiences works with unknown and relayable provenince. The art world
today is not conclusive and there isn't taboo on art works after their authorization. Over the years, with the technological development and establishing a database, there tools for the buyer to pass beyond the
grey zone of uncertainty.

ArtProof orgenzation owns a database of art forgeries & thefts which was collected over the last past years ArtProof team will check for you the public and private databases, we will be the connecting link between you and the auction houses, galleries, art dealrs, art instutions, private and public collections, private investigators and other sources who will help you to prevent a purchase of a stolen artwork or/and to check the authenticty of the artwork in your possetion. The courts todays are favoring the current owner of the artwork when he proves that he did the most he can in order to authenticate it. This is crucial information when the victim is filing
a lawsuit to return the stolen artwork.
We do the best we can in this grey zone, a field where contradictions and distortions are often occur. There are may be some changes to the services we provide. Each case will be reviewed individually. We will be in full disclosure for the process of our work.

ArtProof also provides a service of publication. If you are a victim of art theft or forgery will be able to publish your work in our site under the headline "stolen artworks" and by doing that you will be exposed to large public of art dealers and enthusiasts. This will
diminish greatly the danger that your work would pass hands and would raise the chance that your artwork will be recovered.

ArtProof team is at your service and will respond to the nature, quality and authenticity of your artwork.

The site provides a "Red E-mail" for delivering confidential information\report backed by the law for any case relating to the field of art

The site will be launched soon...
ArtProof team

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SarahFornof wrote
on 5 Dec 2012 12:00 PM


I am wondering when you expect to have your site up and running. What is the cost to use your database of art frauds? 

Thank you,

Sarah Fornof

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artproof wrote
on 18 Mar 2013 1:21 PM

Dear Fornof,

Thank you very much for your inquire. The site should be up in the air during the summer. Now it is in it last check.

The cost using the site is not yet determined but it will be a price that every art enthusiast will be able to afford. 

Please feel free to ask any other questions and join to our active & growing facebook page:



Thank you,

Jacob Samuel 

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