Seeking a Comprehensive Oil Painting Reference/Manual/Book

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on 7 Feb 2012 6:10 AM

Own and love William F. Powell’s Color Mixing Recipes publication.  The book is so much more than how to mix oil colors.  To some extent, it provides insight into the color of particular objects (e.g., stone, sky, etc. and color).  Very helpful for the novice.


I’m seeking a similar publication for techniques.  That is, like his mixing recipes book, a book that a person who wishes to paint – say, a rock formation, specific types of tree, bush, etc., can merely open up a single small reference book (like the mixing book) and look up the item (e.g., clouds, etc.) – and immediately see: (1) colors to use; (2) brushes to employ; (3) brief step-by-step instructions to begin painting using specified techniques.  Yes – there are thousands of books out there covering such matters, but not a one-stop publication like the Color Mixing Recipes book.  The benefit would be for the novice to get the jump on putting brush to canvas.  I recently watched a YouTube video showing how to paint clouds.  I reduced the video information to writing and now, when I need to paint a cloud, I check my notes and see how to do it.  Not all of us have an artist's skill and need reference support.


So, the question is, does anyone know of any single comprehensive publication – that can be a one-stop reference manual/guide? 


Thank you in advance.

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DANRX7 wrote
on 28 Apr 2012 4:03 PM

Hi,my name is Dan Rios and reading thru your posting, i can suggest you a book,acording to what you want,CARLSON GUIDE TO LANDSCAPING PAINTING.This book is not a recipe or lookup for that matter,what this book will do for you is open your mind and eye to see,think and related to the canvas as an artist.It is a great book even do it was written in 1958.Incredibly i found this book online for $5.60.

Take care,


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