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annie3592 wrote
on 19 Jan 2012 7:45 AM

Hi, everyone. I'm new to the forum and just getting ready to reinvigorate myself by committing to making art. I'm actually lucky enough to be building out a studio above my garage and would like to get advice from all of you on your ultimate studio set-up.

I plan to work in oils, encaustics, and various mixed media. Before I actually get there I'll probably be doing charcoals, pastels, and acrylics to get used to working again.

In addition to the naturally good light and large space I've got and the supplies I've been hoarding, I'd like your input on what I really need to engage myself on a daily basis with creating art. Any relevant links or photos of great workspaces would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Best regards,

- Annie

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on 26 Nov 2012 9:48 AM

I like music to get my emotions and creativity flowing but once I begin a piece I usually turn it off so my own artistic voice can be reflected in the art and not some musician's. Having a book shelf full of wonderful references and inspirations is a must. Even a small file cabinet for random photo references of your subject matter. Plants, animals, faces, buildings, etc. I like art on the walls as well, but I like my own art on the walls instead of some famous artist. I don't like being frustrated with the fact that my skill level is not the same or I might get influenced to much by one style of color range or whatever. As far as daily inspiration and engagement, make sure you take lots of photos or do a lot of quick sketches when you are out and about during your day, and not just of  beautiful sunsets or really strong images. Regular stuff like parking lots, trees, crowd of people works too. The point is to have something to take back to your studio and work from there. This gives you something to browse through and look for unique composition ideas or ways you can make an otherwise dull scene really special through your artistic vision. Find the beauty in everything. Another great way I get inspired is through art magazines. They can be magazines offering instruction in your medium, or just a magazine like Art Collector that displays other peoples art. Either way, it's a great way to spur ideas quickly without getting wrapped up in a heavy book. Magazines can be cut up for your reference files, or even tacked onto a wall next to your work. 

Hope this was helpful

Beans, beans, good for your art...

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