Wooden village house in fog

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anano20 wrote
on 15 Dec 2011 11:52 AM

Hello everyone! Here is another painting I want to share with you! I am not studying art, I am currently junior at college majoring in finance and management. I really need some feedback and advice because I am trying to improve my skills by myself. Please give me some feedback!:) 

size:50/60 cm

medium: Oil on canvas

please give me your honest views and critique this piece :)


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leemo wrote
on 23 Dec 2011 7:11 PM

it would be amiss that you maybe work with what is at hand or go to places such as this and draw (with pencil or watercolour) what you see. it has been some considerable time since i had the pleasure of being above the layers of fog in our country side. it is so different from what i see here and so different to the new zealand landscape. our bright light contrasts are quite defined, the darks and lights that is. north of here in taranaki is a red wood forest and there are many pinus forests (we export the stuff to america). the tree forms therefore coud do with some observation especially where they step from fog to being land bound.

i am muddled by the direction of the light. when we have light that seems to allow the richness of colour to flood out so strongly and appear multi-directional it is often over cast above. then the multitude of greens are apparent as is the colours of the earth below the grass. i bring you to the foreground in particular and ask that through drawing you identify how the clumps of grass actually work as blocks of color tonal variation and render or 'manage' them broadly.

as an aside it is imperative in my view that you maintain at all costs you love of painting and continue to visit the place of being with it. this sort of observation of parts of the whole and how they work together to create the over all vision can only be the utmost help in you life in finance and management.

lee aka mo

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