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Karyn Star [*] wrote
on 22 Jan 2009 9:43 AM


Welcome to the Artist Daily forums.  We are glad you are here, as there is so much to do around the site.  This is a comprehensive site including both editorial content and user generated content.  The site has forums, blogs, galleries, video and more features coming.  These conversational forums are a place for you to share your artwork for critique and instruction, as well as a place to gather tips on materials and technique or simply learn about a new medium all together.  There is also a dedicated member gallery for sharing your work and commenting on others' work.  Or, you might be interested in reading our editorial blogs.  Soon we will be  incorporating more instructional content, events and groups to join.  

If you have questions or need some help, you can find a lot of answers in the  Community Help Forum.  The first six posts are stickies that have a lot of information on how to use the site.  

"Community Volunteers and Staff Contacts" -- just in case you'd like to know who works on the site and how to contact us. 

"How to post images in the Media Gallery" -- a reference guide to learning how to upload your images to our Galleries.  Please note the File size:  Right now the limit is 100 kb for an upload, but there isn't a program that resizes these images automatically.  However, you should know that each member is allotted only 10 MB of space right now on the site.  

"So, what is tagging?" -- Tags are important search and find keywords to mark your images and posts, you can understand and learn more about using this tool here.  Tagging is one of the cooler features on the site, but getting used to it takes a little time.  When you tag, make sure that you put commas between the words and use single words instead of groups.  For ex:  "oil painting landscape flower church"  won't work as a tag.  But, "oil, painting, landscape, flower, church" is perfect. 

"How to post images in the forums" -- similar to posting in the Galleries, but a few different things to note.

"Using the Private Message System" -- this is a way to connect with another member privately

The community guidelines would be good to get familiar with, too.  If you need to get the legalize side of things, check out the "Terms of Use", which is related to all the Interweave websites.  

Advertising:  If you would like to advertise with American Artist, you can find more details here.  We will remove any posts that are solicitous in nature in order to keep our forums instructional and educational.  

For help with your magazine subscription, you can find links in the Subscriptions tab at the top of the page where you can also reach out to customer service.

If you have questions, please feel free to post in the "Help" forum and either myself or a moderator will be there to help you as soon as we can.

Lastly, if you have some thoughts on ways to improve the site, please share your ideas in the "Feedback and Suggestion" Forum.

Thank you again for joining us and enjoy the site!



Karyn Meyer-Berthel

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studyart10 wrote
on 13 Jan 2015 1:08 AM

Thank you Karyn, for giving us this wonderful platform to share or take help form Artistdaily forum and blogs. Here I have found so many use full data and books related to my art work.

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Madame Zelda wrote
on 5 Feb 2015 10:56 AM

Dear Karyn,

It discovered this site yesterday. I am a cartoonist, and love drawing voluptuous powerful cartoon women and painting them on canvases. I have been drawing the same women since I was six years old.  I have no idea how to make the paint stay in the lines sometimes. I am really "playing with art" and  I love mixing paints, using neons, and enamels.  My items are made with a sense of fun and personal fulfillment. I am figuring out whether or not this site is too sophisticated for me. I am really interested in asking for help in techniques from time to time.  Do I fit in here or is there a site you can advise me to seek out for painting techniques? Thank you for all help. You have put lots of love, energy and time into your site. I appreciate it!  Thank you for doing this.  Madame Zelda

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on 19 May 2015 3:25 PM

I don't think this site is too sophisticated for anyone. We are here to help one another. And the critiques are meant as constructive criticism.  Why don't you post some examples of your work and see.

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