Matte Painting Tutorials

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Brukhar wrote
on 16 Dec 2010 8:54 PM

Here's two tutorials on the subject of matte painting, for all those aspiring digital artists. :)

In this tutorial, Stas Lobachev will walk you through his creation of “Pandora Afterdark”, a digital matte painting that received a Golden Award and 2nd place in a pre-release competition hosted by  You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to develop a concept sketch, work with lighting and color, use references and develop a meaningful artwork with a strong composition and clear message.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a concept, develop it using linear perspective, then add in value and color perspectives, and then apply photographic references to achieve a realistic matte painting.  You’ll then learn how to apply adjustments to achieve realistic scale, and understand the properties of light and atmospherics for realism.  Lastly, you’ll learn some great compositional techniques.

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