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Karyn wrote
on 7 Jan 2009 9:27 AM | Locked

Hello Everyone!

In order to make the site easier to navigate, we have invited several members to join as volunteers.  You will notice that we have both moderators and docents on the site. 

Moderators will be able to help you with deleting or editing posts or removing images.  We all have "Moderator" written under our name, but you can find us quickly via the Contact Page located in the footer at the bottom of each page.

Docents are some of our gracious members who have volunteered to greet new comers and help promote discussion in the forums.  They also have a title under their name, and you will likely find them easily on the site as they are so active.

All of these volunteers are active artists, and the American Artist staff greatly appreciates their time here on the site. 

For other questions about American Artist, you can find the list of editors and advertising director on the Contact Page

If you have questions about subscriptions, click here, or utilize the tab at the top of each page.


Karyn Meyer-Berthel

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