Van Gogh colored Biro ink drawing

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Jerry Stith wrote
on 21 Feb 2010 8:14 PM

Hello, does anyone remember Vincent Van Gogh the impressionist that loved colors? Van Gogh loved colors placed on a canvas with broad or swirling brush strokes. Piling on thick levels of different colored paints became his trademark. Color certainly was used by many artists throughout history needless to say, yet Van Gogh got recognition, popularity, fame and a place in history because how he applied it!

Pen and Ink has been around for four thousand years yet never developed dark rich colors in addition to its traditional blacks. I personally think that the pen and ink art movement got held back because of a lacking of colors particularly when many other media and medium came down the pike during those thousands of years. No advancements brought on stagnation and a lack of support for pen and ink artists for centuries and that failed the movement.

Today we do however have more and more ballpoint manufactures producing different colored pens for our benefit as an artist. I've been the most prolific colored ballpoint pen artist, publisher, video maker and information provider over the past decade on the Internet and those endeavors have brought great changes within the art community worldwide. Spending ten thousand hours publishing materials internationally is what it took or takes my friends. That goes to show how hard work and lots of effort can change or improve your life as well.

Heres a vibrant multi colored oil based ink artwork that absolutely demonstrates how a ballpoint pen works. Pen and ink never looked better from a colorist point of view. Black and white works yet it just doesn’t stand up to lavishing colored pictures in a world of color. Look around and see how nature appears. It appears or arrives in color not black and white therefore reproducing nature in real time or realistically helps improve the pen and ink art movement.

I've been doing art for around fifty-five years and advancing pen and ink or developing ballpoint pen art for forty-two of those years. I still have around three thousand and seven hundred doodles, inklings, sketches, rendering, drawings or illustrations completed with a ballpoint pen people. Posting some of those pictures and my words have been taking place on the Web over the past ten years at thirty-five different locations with the help of some others. 

Look at this colorful ballpoint pen portrait of Van Gogh. See the textured background and dark red coloring. I used a non smooth water color paper because of its absorption quality in order to pile on the oil based inks. There's also about seven different red ballpoint pen brands and some pinks being used to stake forty or fifty layers of color. A great pen and ink or spectacular ballpoint picture is constructed with thousands and thousands of lines my friends. If one thousand lines looks good then twenty thousand will look that much better if details and rich colors are of interest.

I'm the most prolific ballpoint pen artist and publisher here on the Web for the past decade now people and would like to point out some things to others. I simply out worked all others worldwide to obtain those credentials which in turn advanced pen and ink or helped establish the great ballpoint pen art movement internationally. Lazy people or artists needn't apply because taking on over one billion others via the WWW is no easy task from my experience. Buying many colored pens and knocking out thousands of drawings is what I recommend if becoming well known and producing history is your desire.

Serious artists and great artworks are what our fine art communities from around the world needs if success is the goal. The commercial art sector of society brings in more income than the entire oil industry yet our fine art community is weak politically, socially, culturally and economically. Ask people who is their favorite local, state or national living artists and see what comes up? Then ask them to explain pricing or how to obtain a national, international or historical name as an artist? After that ask your artists friends and see if they know any more than the non artists?

Most people or artists know very little about advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations‘, sales, pricing, contrasts, copy rights or even how to draw. Maybe that’s why our culture, heritages, traditions and creative people are doing so poorly which in turn effects our family structures whole heartily. Culture is of the people, by the people and for the people therefore what we as artists do is extremely important. On the other hand what we don't do brings on what we have today! An artist is or should be looked at as a small business man not a hobbyist.

I’m a folk artist or self taught individual that believes it takes twice the work to achieve things in life because what I do is outside the box. Anyone can pick up a brush or pen, learn through reading, communications and others therefore progress can be made. Working twice as hard as the other guy, doing decades of reading, research, listening and study simply works. If we're not institutionalized does that make us outsiders? An if you're and outsider does your artwork need to look primitive?

My back ground started off in part as a military brat or the son of two parents that served in the USA armed forces. That means lots of travel, many new places, faces plus materials came before me as a youth. Most people had life long communities, family, friends and neighbors around them while art and learning became my safety zone. I guess fifty plus years of steadfast art appreciation paid off if introducing the largest undeveloped art movement in history counts. Well, it counts with me!

Lots of travel, many people, much research and listening paid off because all those things taught me about society's infrastructures that in turn produced knowledge to make ballpoint pen art history. Leaning how things work then plugging it in helped bring recognition to an emerging international art movement called ballpoint pen art. Think how different this bright colored ink drawing is compared to those displayed everywhere in history. Do you think that publishing thousands of colored ballpoint pen drawing on the Web will help us as artists or art movement?

Producing new art forms, styles, techniques and variations are what keeps our art world a live and refreshed. Turning pen and ink into a colored medium does much the same as does getting out the news. Hopefully when people see what kinds of artworks a ballpoint can create it will enhance our movement and inspire others to try something new. So what do you think of this brightly colored pen and ink drawing? Do you think it stands up with other mediums? Do you thing colored inks will help the pen and ink art movement?

Cheers, Jerry Stith

Jerry Stith

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on 11 Jun 2010 10:09 AM

Hi Jerry!  Very beautiful van Gogh-styled painting of van Gogh. Congratulations! 

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