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fc_upland posted on 28 Nov 2008 5:14 AM

I write short articles about Southwest regional artists, etc.  Can anyone, especially "admin" tell me how I go about getting permission to use images in my articles;  especially images found on the internet?

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Ask the artist?

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Robin is right. If the artist is still alive, you ask the artist for permission.

If the artist is dead, the next question is when did he die? The copyright laws differ from country to country, but in the United States, our mags feel confident that the pieces have entered the public domain 100 years after an artist's death. (Some say 75.) There are exceptions to this rule, too, we have heard, but this is the rule of thumb for us.

So, in short, the situation is simple if the artist is alive: You ask the artist for permission.

The situation is simple if the artist has been dead for 100 years: You can reproduce it in the United States, as it has entered public domain.

But if the artist died within the last 100 years, you will need to obtain permission from the artist's estate, the rights & permissions company that controls the estate, or the museum or institution that owns the work.

Whether it's on the internet is not an issue from an ethical or legal standpoint--the web makes it easier to "steal" the image, but that doesn't make it more acceptable to do so.

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Thanks Bob for the helpful information.

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