Begining question about toning down a color

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Mike__2000 wrote
on 10 Aug 2014 1:27 PM



   I am a beginner and working on my third painting ever, so I am very new to this.   I have a painting in which I am trying to paint from a photo of a house.  My problem is, that I was trying to add a redish-brown wash to the bricks of the house to deepen the color, but I also used it on a section that was not brick but a faux stone face.  Now the painting appears to orange in that section; it was too bright so I wanted to tone it down, make it less of the focus.

  Anyway, the section I am concerned with is behind the black fencing, under the white bay window.  Is there a way to add a wash, perhaps a complementary color to the brownish-orange that will dampen the orange?  If feels like the hue is off.  It was okay wet, but not when dry.


  Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.





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on 10 Aug 2014 3:17 PM

One thing you could try is to dampen a q-tip and dry it off a bit with a paper towel, then rub the dampened q-tip on the offending colour - you will remove some of the colour, maybe not as much as you want, but try that.  Then, if you want, you could mix up the colour you want the stone to be, pull a bit of that colour to the side, and spray some water on that bit and mix that up, then glaze the colour on the face of brick, brick by brick so that you will not have to redo grout lines - still not enough, put some more of the mixed up paint into the watered down paint, apply to your brush and touch your brush to the paper towel so that you remove the wetness of the paint and dry brush this into any brick that isn't to your liking.  You can do this as often as you want.  Let the paint dry between applications.  You may want to put a very watered down purple colour wash on the back part of your sidewalk to have it lay down - just the back part where it meets the bottom step - about a quarter of an inch, keep applying until you see that it is getting some perspective.  Is that a landing under the door, and where the deeper colour wall is?  If so, you need some perspective here too, it looks like it could be part of the wall to me.  Purple is a nice shadow colour, you can deepen it with burnt sienna or burnt umber if you want.  

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robnt wrote
on 11 Aug 2014 9:38 AM


Make a semi transparent mix  of burnt umber or yellow ocre if this feels to be the right color, paint it over the area to be corrected ,then repaint the black fencing.

Hope this helps.



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