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Hybridoc wrote
on 7 Aug 2014 7:52 PM

Okay, here is my second picture. I did this in April of this year when I returned from vacation sick and had to take a few days more off work. Nothing to do so I started this colored pencil drawing (painting?) from an iPad photo I took of a shiny York mint wrapper. My favorite treat! Done on Stonehenge paper with Prismacolor pencils. The central blue has about 4 layers and I used a blender. Took about 8 hours total over 3 days I think. Again, this is in my usual tight style. I like doing this but need to learn to draw faster and looser. I also would like to move into painting but not until I have more confidence in quick drawing. The little goof was when I picked a color for the local reflections and then had to try to match a background color that would work. Kind of works.

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