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Would anyone be able to make a quick evaluation of my artwork? Just talk about the tone, positioning in the foreground, middle ground and background and where I made strong/weak choices. It's a view through my blinds.

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on 5 Aug 2014 11:05 AM


This is a very interesting picture design. Actually, I believe you have done a number of things right. I like the orange and red oranges. In fact, this is so interesting from a design standpoint that I would like to encourage you to do it again with a few modifications.

It is hard to tell from the photo—however, it looks like this was done in watercolor. I think the two panels of closed, white louvers adds interest. I think this could be even more interesting with at least one more set of louvers added to the width of the picture. One of those additional panels could be closed. The additional closed panel would balance the closed panels you have now. I do not think the picture design needs the dark string of ball shapes. They seem to distract from the rest of the picture.

The colors of the scene looking through the open louvers works good. I like the orange and red oranges. You might consider a dark but rather bright color rather than black (or what looks like black). The white louvers and the orange have something of a Caribbean look. You might think of a deep purple, deep blue or dark green to work with the oranges for a lively look.

I have mentioned several things here. The important thing is that you keep painting interesting designs like this—and have fun doing it.

Best of luck,


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