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AWade wrote
on 12 Jul 2014 3:54 PM

Please critique my paintings.  Do I have any talent?  Could any of these sell, or are they to amateur?

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Nacer C. wrote
on 1 Sep 2014 8:15 AM

Hello ,

I see that no one replied to your post afternearly two months.

I am not a painter, but I have been teaching for a long time;

What I can tell is that nearly everybody got talent.

For some people it is natural, for others, it need a lot of work before they can express themselves;

All you need is the will to try and improve, and work on your technique and inspiration.

There is a lot of videos on you tube showing how to paint, intuitive painting and abstract painting;

My approach is to look at what the others do, and try to express something which is personnal. To be honest, I don't think I am succeeding now, but I keep trying.

Yours paintings are pleasant to look at, but I think they are yet too symetrical.

let your brush go and try a lot on paper, with small formats, so that they can go to the wastepaper after the exercice;

you will learn to discern what is good from what is just an exercice on paper.

I hope this reply helps you,



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Gerry Smy wrote
on 6 Sep 2014 9:11 PM

I quite like them. I have seen worse for sale with $250.00 dollars marked on them at markets, and they have sold.

Don't be put off. Gerry



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Brita H wrote
on 7 Jan 2015 6:37 PM

Hi, AWade.  I just joined Artist Daily.  Have been painting in acrylics for over 30 years, off and on.  I agree with Nacer C.  You have potential.  Do try to vary the symmetry at bit.

 I like the first painting you posted the best of the three.  It shows lots of movement, you have varied the sizes and placement of the shapes, and the background has nice depth.  For the third painting, you could try overlapping the small "leaf" shapes here and there, or at least vary the space sizes between them a little more.  

Please know that I paint realistic rather than abstract or non-objective art and I am not an art teacher.  This is the first time I have logged on to the website.  This is my first post.

Keep painting!  And, do share again!

Brita H.

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