Drawing advices for coloring pencils?

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allysmiles wrote
on 28 Jun 2014 9:08 PM

Hey everyone!,

So I'm new with coloring pencils I don't know which type shall I use and the techniques so if you have an advice or a book to teach me or even a video tutorial and which type of pencils and best brands to use..

*I didn't know where to add this so excuse me if it's in the wrong place*

Thanks so much.

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lindseyd976 wrote
on 6 Jul 2014 6:10 PM

Hello, im somewhat new to colored pencil aswell. Ive learned a lot from blogs, youtube, and trial and error. First I bought a small set of prismacolor primere colored pencils from my local art store, later on I bought a set of 72 from amozon. Also, try to find some blending stumps and the prismacolor colorless blender, these both help to blend. I mainly do realistic artwork, but to star off I tried some small non-objective pieces, just to get the feel of them, and practice different textures. With all artwork, pracfice makes perfect, so just keep practicing, and dont give up! Good luck and have fun!!


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on 22 Jul 2014 1:56 AM

While there are different types of colored pencils available in the market these days including wax-based pencils, oil-based pencils and the watercolor pencil, it is best to to experiment and become familiar with the medium. Try to use different different papers, patterns and even when it comes to layering. You can also combine the different types of pencils for better results and effects. Most importantly, learn how to use the types of strokes, how to add color and how to follow contours to show the shape of a surface.

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