Attack on Titan art, would like critique

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natdraws wrote
on 19 Jun 2014 9:50 PM

Please no "OMG so good!!" Or "ur only 13?!?!" Comments. I would appreciate constructive criticism, because I hear that I'm good everyday, and I wish people would shut up and give me and honest opinion for a change. Thank you.

not sure if this will work. Please tell if it doesn't.

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on 20 Jun 2014 5:06 PM

Your posting was successful on instagram and here.  Your drawings look fine to me, they look expressive and each face tells it's story.  Are they originals or were you drawing from a picture?  To critique in a constructive way, what were YOU attempting to do, what did you find difficult that you think you could do better at and would like suggestions about.   Are you drawing for pleasure or do you want to pursue it into a livelihood?  There are others who will do better at giving you a critique.  You seem to have a natural talent for drawing, appreciate the compliments, the one's giving them probably don't draw and appreciate your work. 

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