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Judie Cole wrote
on 5 May 2014 5:11 PM


I'm Judie Cole from the Boston area and have been involved in some type of art my entire life.  Thanks to some fantastic elementary school teachers, I was encouraged to draw, paint and try anything creative.  Every Christmas my present was a "John Nagy" art set.

After losing my job six years ago, I decided to try to paint to earn some money!  Of course I realize artists starve to death!  I've set up several websites and done two art shows, selling a few items.

Can anyone suggest ways to have people find my website?  I've recently been selling custom drawings on FaceBook via word of mouth, but am making little or next to nothing for payment.

Please look at some of my work at this new website I have:

 I will happily take criiticism.  If you can suggest impriving my work or if it's not good enough to sell, please let me know.
(after doing some googling, I've found there are about 3 or 4 Judith Coles who are artists!)
Thank you,
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