t is in other countries give or take a little bit

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pashajee051 wrote
on 5 May 2014 3:57 PM

Some other different headlines you know and if I was getting this talkback by summer one of the big questions would've been so what does the elections have to do with where we think that's going and the answer would have given you there which is somebody is Rick you know is it doesn’t matter because selling key factors driving this discussion are there matter became president so this is uncharted shows are spending precipitate in the United States compared to other countries and you 


Somatodrol  can see it's 30 percent more now I think that's good or bad a I'm just saying that's what did so this is what other things writing this discussion now what others are saying about was interesting years if you look at the entirepopulation where that's being spent it's not even so this is this is the cost up health care in this countryiraqi an interesting part is if you look at a beer throughout sixty our cause is about the same as it is in other countries give or take a little bit but it's about the same and then we get UH-sixty above its by rockets what happens when you get be about 60here well as you can see that we talk about health care cost part this is talk about where is really health the cost issue Pablo but also where it is in geography but it isn't you know the cost of treating the32-year-old of same years it is it is in other countries it's a positive end of life care chronic conditions which is quite a bit different I is this is any questions on this on this yes well seems to me that since. 

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