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I want to thank y'all who helped out with the last post I put up. I'm still striving for realism and having fun doing it. I would appreciate my work being displayed in a museum someday. I have changed the shadow on the camo sleeve, I hid the guy's pinkie more, and raised the girl's thumb. I hope these changes increased the looks upon my work. Please let me know with feedback of it looking better or more critiques would be excellent!!


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Msblueeyes wrote
on 7 Apr 2014 7:46 PM

It looks MUCH better, keep up the good work!

TIP: If it were me personally, I would take my finger and blend the background so you cant see the pencil marks. But thats just me. TTYL <3

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on 8 Apr 2014 2:35 PM

it looks better. good job shading that camo :)

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