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Kaylakknp wrote
on 6 Apr 2014 2:06 PM

Acrylic Painting on stretch canvas

by: 15 year old artist


Please critique honestly.  Appraise art if you have an idea as well please.


Thanks for looking! :)

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on 8 Apr 2014 1:46 AM

There's something a little weird going on here. Nice colors, but am detecting a bit of blur somehow? Ah, after looking at it more,  it seems the sideways blur in the distance is water? And the purple blur in front and off to the left are flowers? Perhaps you can distinguish between the two, like get rid of the water or really make it there. One or the other, and add a little texture to the foreground flowers, like impressionistic strokes.

Like the kind you already did in that purple tree on the right edge in background. See how brushstroke like that is? Those are impressions that add detail. You especially  could draw out any foreground flowers or objects doing this. The eye tends to blur background things anyway. Maybe that could help you try to illustrate what you are intending?

There's also a bit of grass discoloration on the middle right compared to rest of scene. These few things make the whole scene look a bit off, like looking through one of those funny mirrors, but not that exaggerated though. Or getting hot on a blazing day and getting a little dizzy like, to where you're not seeing straight. Perhaps make that right green like the rest of the meadow where you added the yellow-green. Do that on the right and blend out those harsher grass lines there, since it's behind the foreground where most things are in detail by the way we see things with our own eyes.

There's also some flower placement that could lend one to see stuffed animal shapes, like just to the right of the center blur, and to the left of the center blur in the background. I know that's being picky and you mentioned being 15. But if you've done this wow of a job so far, I think you could push yourself a bit more! I think you can do it.The colors are great, and the scene is very peaceful and not the usual. Perhaps to correct the animal shapes, you could put a few more red dots around the head and feet and spread them out a bit like you might see in nature.

This is of course if you want it to look realistic like. It could be fun for the viewer to try and find shapes in the painting if you really want to intend it to be this way. Go one way or the other. Make it realistic or dreamy, fanciful surrealistic. That means where you make up shapes and the rules and are not making a conventional painting. Either way is ok. What do you think?

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RWMcRae wrote
on 21 Apr 2014 5:41 PM

Wow, 15 years old? That's impressive! Brush technique is a tough thing to learn, so to do it young is really good.


Good stuff:

- The sky is amazing. Really good use of light and colors. People forget that skies aren't just blue.

- Good use of perspective. The way the valleys tightens toward the middle of the painting is done well.

- The mountains in the distance look really good, although that one right in the middle seems cut off just a bit. The ones on the far left are great.

- The colors of the flowers and the shading of the grass on the right are really good in the forefront. Nice and vibrant.


Possible improvements:

- The fence seems too big for how far away the valley is. The way you have the perspective in the valley makes the eye feel like it's a pretty far distance away, but the fence belies that by saying it's actually really close. I'd suggest either making the fence smaller or making the valley not recede quite so far.

- The flowers don't recede in a logical manner. By that I mean that they are pretty much the same size far away as they are up close. You did a great job in your first transition (From the big ones on the left, to the next size down on the far right, in the grass), but then after that there weren't any real transitions - they all stayed the same size.

- Overall a lot of the plant life is hard to pin down. The purple could be flowers, groups of plants, or cat tails. The greens in the background could be thick patches of grass, bushes, or blurry trees. The tree on the right doesn't seem to have any real distinct form at all. I get the feeling you were probably painting patches of color, which is okay, but you also seem to be wanting to distinguish individual details, which confuses the eye.

- This may be nitpicking, but in still life or realism paintings I hate to see canvas showing through, like in the brown on the left (when you open up the pic and look close). I'd definitely recommend prepping the canvas properly before doing this type of painting. You can get away with nude canvas in abstract or impressionism, but not so much on still life or realism.

Overall this shows some good talent and a great knowledge of color theory. Definitely keep up the good work! Maybe practice drawing to get the hang of perspective and details. Looking forward to more of your work in the future!

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