Densely Marked Drawing VS Lightly Marked Drawing

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Mistynight wrote
on 17 Jan 2014 8:08 PM

Katherine Nelson:

Hello Mistynight,

I appreciate that you enjoy the drawing and are working on a college paper. However, unfortunately, I am 

NOT able to grant you permission to import my image and further alter my image in any form with a print

overlay.  All of my work is copyrighted and reproduction can be only used with a  signed legal contract

through a publisher.  


I hope you do post your poem or perhaps start your own webpage which publishes your writing.

I understand completely, thank-you so much! I can draw a picture of a willow tree instead haha, I just like yours. It's beautiful :)

Here is my poem if you'd like to read it, though!:


Title: Sunrise On the Willow
By: Kyrie Lynch

Lone branches swaying in a whisper to the wind
Weeping in silence from dusk 'till dawn
Constantly sighing as its' leaves always bend
Southward bound on the left-forgotten lawn
Shadows trick the willow as darkness creeps along
Her roots trembling softly in the earth below
All is quiet 'cept the crickets in song
Just another night in solitude, alone
Though it's safe to say she's still standing, her roots are not as strong
The clouds pass over slowly in a dismal gray nothing
As the sun starts to rise, the willow dreams to live among
The chipper squirrels and daily buzzings that seem to mean something
Sunrise drawing ever nearer, she longs for the end of night
The willow reaches for the company of the early morning sky
Orange radiant beams shine toward her as if to answer her plight
There's relief instead of sadness in the echoes of her sigh
Sudden realization floods deep within her as she stood
The weeping willow weeps no more as her branches dangle at her side
She no longer feels her heart is made of rotting wood
The sunrise on the willow makes her feel alive
Looking before her to the ground beneath
The willow sees what she's been missing around
Roots firmly placed in the earth as a protective sheathe
There's a new feeling of belonging as she listens to nature's sound
A wave of understanding spreads warmly throughout
Resolving that her branches are more than just a sight
New found faith in Mother Nature stirs wildly about
Like her roots, she's connected as the sunrise sheds its' light

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