Finally taking up painting...

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Lelandius wrote
on 17 Feb 2014 8:21 PM

Hello all.

I've decided to finally jump into painting.  I need a creative outlet bad and painting has always been interesting to me.

I've decided to start using water soluble oil paints.  Couple things I'm unsure of though.  How can I get a "liquid white" style base coat for wet on wet using water mixable oil?  

What brushes do you suggest for a beginner that won't make painting more frustrating starting out? 

Thanks in advance! 

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on 26 Feb 2014 3:03 AM

Hmm...Its a good idea to start working on some creative things. Drawing & painting is full of creative ideas and imaginations. If you want to start any art stream first of all you need to know about art supplies related art streams which will help you to create easily your paintings. Smile

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