The best gsm paper for fine detail / lifelike sketching?

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on 10 Feb 2014 11:16 AM

Hi all, I'm Jack - new to the forums today,

I have been sketching since...well a long time now but have never really managed to decide on the best paper gsm for my work - which as the title suggests is mainly lifelike drawings (of cars). I'm stuck at the moment on amazon about to buy a new sketch book with the choice between 85gsm, 95gsm or 115gsm. Now I'm assuming the 85 will be too thin, almost see through, my main goal is to get a paper grain that is as fine as possible before it starts becoming see through, so that I have a soft surface with minimal tooth, allowing me to get accurate, detailed reflections and lines on the paper. I'm currently thinking 95gsm but there are some comments I've seen on Google that it is borderline see through, so anyone with more experience on the matter I would be truly grateful if you could help, (the sketch books are £20 or about $35 so I don't wan to buy the wrong one!)

Thankyou Smile

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on 17 Feb 2014 11:31 PM

Hi Jack,

Welcome!  I have similar requirements as I also like to draw photo-realistic cars :)  I actually use a fairly heavy (96 lb./260g) bristol, but I go for the cold-press stuff because it's incredibly smooth and has a very fine grain. I like the thickness because it holds up to layering well.  Canson makes a nice one.    What kind of cars are you into?



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