I want to learn water color art and sketch art...Suggest / advice me on it

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on 29 Jan 2014 1:06 AM

I want to learn water color art and sketch art...Suggest / advice me on it.

Suggestion of everyone is welcome!


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on 29 Jan 2014 3:37 AM

Well, if you want to learn water color art so first you have to learn about water color art supplies. This will help you to start water painting by own without any major difficulty. Smile

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on 30 Jan 2014 1:05 PM


If you give us a little more information, we can offer you better advise. For example: Have you had any art training at all? Have you been interested in art at another time in your life and are now wanting to take it up seriously? Is this something you can devote quite a bit of time to or is this you something you may do as a side interest?

The answers to questions like these will help a lot in offering you meaningful suggestions. You stated that you are interested in both sketching and watercolor. If you are a beginner without a lot of past experience, it would be best to take this in two steps. First develop your drawing skills and then, as a second step, begin learning watercolor.

We were all beginners at one point and most of us are only too happy to help those who are just starting. When you start doing artwork and have a desire to develop your talent, it becomes a life-long learning process. Give us a little more information and we can help you better.




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