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Harden1313 wrote
on 22 Jan 2014 4:51 PM

Hi there. I'm Pat. It is nice to meet you.

I am a single dad of three little mini-artists.  They kick around my studio and issue critiques from their easels like small little crotchety college professors. They are my world. There is no Barney the Purple Dinosaur on my TV...I have no cable. I have drafting tables, paper, pastels  and paint covered pudgy kid fingers all to the backdrop of indie rock.

I have been a stay at home dad for nine years and now as a single daddy I am stepping out of my comfort zone to push my other passion....drawing.  I grew up in my mother's studio and can't remember a time I didn't know I would be an artist when I was "big". I started traditional lessons at a local school when I was five, fond out I was color blind when I was eight and never stopped drawing. I have always been an artist....now it's time more people know about it.

All of my work is done in colored pencil. I can't mix the same color paint twice....

The mission for 2014 is to get out there and get noticed. Interview....feature....blog spot.....random call from the Tonight Show....I'm game.

First stab at selling: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HardenArt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hardenart


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on 22 Jan 2014 7:04 PM


This is great work!
Happy to have you on board! I'm sure we'd all like to see more of your stuff.

Best of luck—




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on 24 Jan 2014 11:39 AM

Wow, Harden/Pat this work is amazing! I love everything about these pieces :) I'm currently going mad enjoying sculpting lot's of odd looking baby birds crying out myself, and I like drawing and painting humans in a distinctive realistic but quirky style a little bit like yours, only I must say your attention to detail is better than mine. The boy's freckles and realism of his eye look remarkable.  

These are really coloured pencil? 'Wow' again, they look like paintings it's a rare skill to see someone control coloured pencil this well. I saw nobody I met in art school try this (although they were interesting artists in their own right), they all stuck to the safety of painting mostly, with a few sculptors. I have to say the rareness of your medium makes your work all the more distinctive in an impressive way while I already love how you've drawn the people alone. 


Good luck getting noticed! I think you're entitled to it. I also praise how you and your children are living, that is dedication to the arts. Less tv seems to really benefit children into expanding their minds for such useful stuff at a young age so that was a nice fact to introduce yourself with. I'm hoping to spend more time on art sites like this so welcome and hopefully I'll see you around!

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