Help needed - to glass or not to glass

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wongston wrote
on 18 Jan 2014 8:43 AM

Hi all

I have a tricky conundrum... let me set the scene:

My 'painting' isn't official a painting, but more of a series of small dashes (each dash is approximately 1cm x 0.5cm) dotted around on primed canvas. 

Now, I can't stretch the canvas around a custom built frame because it's actually impossible (trust me, the way I'm creating this art is not conventional or traditional in any way!).

The options I'm left with are: 

1. Varnish each and every single dash only, frame it without glass. (I don't particularly want to varnish the whole thing because the majority of it is white space)

2. Don't varnish it at all and frame it with glass with spacer.

Any help/advice would be hugely appreciated.




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