Would like an honest opinion on my artwork. Thank you

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daniellamb wrote
on 14 Jan 2014 6:33 PM



Artwork Title: Blue Jay

9x12 inch original pencil drawing using graphite pencils on acid free art paper

I offer originals for sale at www.saatchionline.com/daniellamb

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MaryML wrote
on 14 Jan 2014 7:22 PM

I like this a lot.  I enjoy the various shades of black and grey.

 I would leave a little more room on the paper on top ...the bird's crest almost touches it, which is distracting. I would also leave a little more room on the paper on the right hand side, so that the bird wouldn't be so centered and so there would be a bit of space for the bird to " look into" even if birds don't look ahead.

 I would encourage you to also draw from birds that have stronger lighting on them, so that you can get more of a sense of light and shadow to show even more depth.

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