Mistake and possibly ruined picture.

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joysjunque wrote
on 7 Jan 2014 9:01 AM

First time user.  Don't know what I am doing.  But I have a BIG MISTAKE.

Just took up oil painting again after many years of not painting.  I just painted 2 oil paintings on canvas board.

I dry my painting in my oven with the pilot light on.  A relative was at my house and I did not notice....she turned the oven on to cook something.  Few minutes, smoke alarm went off.  I immediately jerked the painting out of the oven. The canvas was partially bubbled  up.  Still looked good, but dried some with bubbles from canvas pulling away from the board.  Still that way after it cooled.  I took an exacto knife and cut the seams at the back, and separated the canvas from the board.  The painting still looks good, but naturally, not smooth.  Still bubbled.

I would like to salvage these, always feel that trying to do the same painting again, would not be as good.

Does anyone know how I might straighten these out smooth again and glue to another board?  I really hate to lose them.  Please write if you can help.  Not worried about "selling quality".  Just want for myself.  Many thanks.  Joy


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ALatorre wrote
on 12 Mar 2014 2:45 AM

maybe wax paper and an iron on very low?...I don't know, going in the oven is not something i have ever heard of or would want to do to something i have worked too hard for. I could wait for paint to dry. Part of painting is patience.

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