Hello, I am new today, but not new to oil painting.

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J Loring wrote
on 19 Dec 2013 1:04 AM

I would like to post a photo or two for opinions and comments. I find it hard to navigate and to find an attach so I can post. I am not very computer savy. Currently I can not post an avatar that is accepted,. 

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wesley lowe wrote
on 21 Jan 2014 1:51 PM

hi there, J Loring


I too find it a bit of a mystery navigating around the site, but I guess with time I too will uncover areas of the site such as this particular one.

I did look at your painting of waves breaking on the beach.  You asked for comments:  It's always better when you can stand and look at the actual painting and talk to the other artist to ask and find out what they were thinking etc.  However, that is not possible so here is my only comments and they are things that I try to do or think about with each of my paintings.  

Your painting is quite nice, I do like it.   you should when possible study waves and try to spend as much time painting from life as nature can offer us a lot of advice.  Try to study other great marine artists works when it comes to water and see how they approach the subject.  Waugh is one of the artists that is very good and also Christopher Blossom is another.

waves take on the colours of the sky and a few lost edges in the breaking wave can help towards the sense of a mass of water....it is fluid and always moving, try to avoid, when possible, your water from looking like a solid mass.

That is my comments and as I said your painting is good just remember to watch nature do her thing and she will teach you the subject. 


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on 21 Jan 2014 5:17 PM

J —

I am assuming that you have posted the painting of the waves for our general comment.

I think it is excellent. I hope the colors of the photo are close to those of the painting because it looks beautiful. There is a feeling of peace in the picture. Keep up the fine work.

Best of luck,


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