URGENT- Seeking Industry Insight from Arts Professionals

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on 9 Nov 2013 8:44 PM


Hi all :) I have an assignment due TOMORROW and am in desperate need of help!

My name is Jess and I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Creative Industries (Media Design) at James Cook University, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. I am investigating the ‘commercial and management side’ of arts careers, and would appreciate any insights or information you could provide me.

1. How did you enter the world of art?

2. What are the key skills you consider most important in the running of your artistic career?

3. What would a typical day/week in your practice entail?

4. What other roles, besides artist, do you need to do in order to run your practice?

5. How do you market yourself and your work? Eg: portfolio websites, social media, gallery exhibitions etc.

I would also love for you to link me to any of these outlets and other examples of your work so I can further my research.

I would appreciate any other information and insight you could provide for me, so that I can prepare myself for entering the professional world. If you cannot answer these questions for any reason, perhaps you could forward them onto someone who can.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and help me out.

Kind regards and many thanks in advance,

Jessica Pledger

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wesley lowe wrote
on 15 Dec 2013 12:41 AM

Hello Jessica,  I have only just joined this site and I see your post was some time ago and probably won't help you on your assignment, but I will answer your query.

1.  I entered the field of art in 1972 as a junior in an art studio and I was then trained as a designer.  I worked in the graphic art field for 8 years before entering the field of illustration and I am still working at illustration for publishers etc.

2.  One of the key skills for me are my abilities as an illustrator ( I work realistically and this is important to the clients I have and deal with)  also, having a good work ethic and not putting things off until you have little time to do a proper job.  Examining a prospective new project and working out the time line and discussing the fee....getting a percent of the fee up front once you have accepted it and sticking to the time schedule. 

3.  A typical week involves research, sending roughs to the publisher for approval....most of my illustrations these days involve my creating them digitally using Photoshop and or Painter ( you still have to draw just that now it's done on a computer using a Wacom pen and tablet.  During the 1980s and 1990s I worked in traditional medium ie: Acrylics, Guache, Oil paint, Dyes or water colours on illustration board.

4. You need to promote your work through dependable promotional sites ( researching new ways )  Keep good accounting records for billing and tax time and collect all receipts for deduction purposes. 

5.  I have reps who promote me and I advertise on reputable sites that agencies use and publishing houses go to for talent.

Hope this will help.  Wesley Lowe ( if you want to see my work just google  Wes Lowe artist and several sites and examples should show up.

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