Storing Paint Thinner

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DLS65 wrote
on 23 Oct 2013 8:55 AM

Hello! I am new here and a re-beginner to oil painting. I have a nice little studio set up in my basement. My husband says I should not store my paint thinner and brush cleaner anywhere in the house or garage. The only other option is to store it in the pole barn which would make it rather inconvenient to use especially in the winter months. I used to live in an apartment and stored my supplies in a large walk in closet and never thought twice about it. I knew not to use near flame or heat sources, but I did not think it was dangerous to store in my home. Our furnace is also located in the basement but in the laundry room away from my art studio. What do you other artists do about this?

Thank you Smile

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on 24 Oct 2013 5:33 AM

I don't see any problem (assuming you take the ordinary, common sense precautions). After all, didn't you pick up the container of solvent off the shelf in a store?

Your husband may be overly cautious, or perhaps conflating the very real issue of oily rags causing combustion.

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KevinMcCain wrote
on 2 Feb 2014 4:44 PM

Also as long as you can seal the container and of normal precautions you will be fine. Metal sealing brush washers are great to use because when are done put on the top and the mineral spirits are sealed and won't cause any issues.


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