I want to learn Sketching ....!!

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faraz.fk wrote
on 4 Sep 2013 1:35 AM

Hello There Friends,

                         I want to learn sketching but I don't even know how to draw a straight line lol. I downloaded many tutorials but those aren't helpful. I don't know from where i should start. please help me guys. sketching is my passion.

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dutch888 wrote
on 28 Oct 2013 10:19 PM

There are no such things as straight lines in nature. so you're good there. work on shading as much as possible. As well as working on tones. That should keep you busy for awhile.

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Eldridge2012 wrote
on 9 Dec 2013 1:28 AM

maybe you would do better with direct instruction? if a teacher it there to goud you  and correct you it may be all you need... I would say to check out what your library offers the community / groups for art. or community college you can take just an art class /  look at GROUPONS for 1 or 2 art classes or MEET UP. 

best of luck to you :)

"The Earth with our Art - is just EH"

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lesfish wrote
on 15 Jan 2014 4:57 PM

The best way is to find photographs of what you would like to sketch or take your own. Then using a rule you can scale them up to the size of your paper this will give you a good start on proportions. Then start with the basic drawing techniques draw lines for the major parts of the sketch if your right handed start from the top left of the page.

Cheers hope this was helpful 

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on 21 Jan 2014 11:10 AM


You have received some good suggestions. Remember that drawing is a skill. Like any skill, a part of it can be taught and the greater part of it is learned through practice. There is an old saying, "You learn to draw by drawing."

There are a number of excellent, inexpensive books on drawing for beginners. Obtain one or two and use them as work books.You say that drawing is your "passion". Then stick with it and do not allow yourself to be discouraged.


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on 29 Jan 2014 12:53 AM

I like the way you guide a person.

I wanna learn water color art and sketch art. Some suggestions!!!

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MeganJo215 wrote
on 14 Apr 2014 12:52 PM

I can only speak from personal experience. I would suggest setting up a still life, or finding a photo of something/someone that you find really interesting. Study it, and don't just look at the entire picture; study the subtle details, what materials the objects are made of, where the light is coming from and the shadows, proportions, etc. Then, just practice. Sketch, draw, shade, erase, repeat. Your personal style of drawing/sketching will develope through a LOT of practice, and you will continually get better. Hope that helps! :)

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