Getting started with public commissions?

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Galah2 wrote
on 1 Sep 2013 9:29 PM

I've always wondered about this, though I don't personally know anybody who does this. I'm only referring to commissions that are public. Like caricatures, t-shirt airbrushing, drawing from photos, etc, that you get from passerbys. One of my friends recently suggested that I do some caricature work in the future, and now that I think about it, it does sound kind of fun to sit around and draw/paint for people for an afternoon. However, I'm not certain how I would go about I need any kind of permit or license for this? My town's website doesn't mention anything about selling artwork or otherwise publicly, and when I called they said I should do whatever I though was reasonable (ever so helpful). So I suppose my questions are:

1. What is necessary to get started with public commissions

2. Effective components to a stand setup

3. Any other helpful suggestions


I honestly don't quite know what I'm getting into, so any help you've got to offer is greatly appreciated! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Thanks to all,


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