sanded pastel paper

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njMargaret wrote
on 24 Feb 2013 9:44 AM

My instructor has recommended preparing a sanded surface myself when I complained of the difficulty of finding sanded pastel papers, but he is primarily an oil painter, and offered no instructions. What paper/board, what substance should I use to get the sanded texture?

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halsart wrote
on 2 Jun 2013 2:41 PM

Sorry, no one has been forthcoming to help you with your question.

I used to paint with the sandies but I've switched to the oil pastels..... Dust you know!!

I have and still paint on watercolor paper, masonite (hard board), and canvas panels and birch plywood panels. 

All of these surfaces, I first cover with a couple of layers of gesso.  The final layes of gesso I would mix in volcanic pumice (fine grade) or marble dust (and even finer grade).  I often tone the surface I intend to paint on with a colored acrylic mixed with marble dust or when using oil pastels I will paint on a layer of clear gesso which naturally has a lot of tooth. 

I also will paint an abstract background and cover that with clear gesso and proceed with my painting.   Image below is an oil pastel using this technique

Hal Kirby


Hal :  The Sunset Beckons:

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on 5 Jun 2013 6:21 PM

Hi Margaret, Wallis papers have the most wonderful surface. I use them for oil pastels and love them.


Comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.

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on 3 Jan 2014 9:36 AM

So if you are using soft pastels ,not oil. You can make your own sanded paper . Use clear gesso (Liquitex ) several smoth coats with brush or sponge brush over watercolor,mat board or canvas paper. Once dry you will have a great sanded finish to work on for pennies !

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on 9 Jan 2014 12:59 PM

I like Colourfix by Art Spectrum, in Clear and White :

Here is an older thread entitled "Pastel Papers - How do you make your own?" that may help :

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