New Beginnings

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heathoria wrote
on 28 Oct 2012 4:21 PM

Here we go, let this journey of poetry begin.  Finally!  Been stuck in the darkness for far to long.  It feels inspirational to finally practice what I preach.  I am an admissions representative at a for profit school in the denver metro area.  It is an amzing feeling to see students have their own revelation about being worthy of greatness.  It just took me such a long time to figure things out for myself, I am that everlearning student at heart, aren't we all?!  So its time to take action instead of just daydreaming what if.  I want to live my American dream and work for myself.  I know it won't fall into my lap, I have to go get.  Here are my first steps making this reality.  1. I sell myself short and offer an amazing deal to friends and family on comissioned paintings.  I have done 2 so far and have a waiting list of apporxialtely 12 others.  Already, this is snowballing in a positive ray of light.  Keep moving forward Heather, you are on to something....

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Charlie Gunn wrote
on 29 Oct 2012 9:08 AM

Go, Heathoria!

Charlie Gunn

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