Water mixable paintings of Shediac Dunes

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on 12 Oct 2012 8:06 PM


Hi all;

I have been painting with water mixable oils for about 5 years. I typically use Artisan brand, as they are available where I live. I've recently purchased Cobra brand and Duos to compare. Here are a few paintings. Bear with me as I attempt to post them... here goes...


Cobra, 6" x 6" on Gessoed MDF. Mixed from 5 colours: Titanium white, Cad Yellow, Cad Red, Ultramarine Blue and Raw Umber


Same scene using Duo paints. Same colours, size of board etc.

Same scene again, with Artisan paints. Same colours, board, size.


This is my first painting post. Any constructive comments welcome!

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Jay Babina wrote
on 13 Dec 2012 8:00 AM

They're all nice and the top one has less chroma and you can just adjust for that the same way as regular oil painters adjust for different brand colors.


Why are you using water-soluble oils? Is it to avoid fumes? I am going to try them for my winter inside painting to avoid excess fumes. How do you find them compared to regular oils?  It's nice that you did this comparison. I'd be interested in some feedback as far as how you like the different brands.


Do they take the same amount of time to dry?

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on 13 Dec 2012 8:21 PM

My wife and I started in Water Mixables in 2007, as she has chemical and scent sensitivities. We haven't used traditional oils, but other people tell us that they are almost identical. The difference is apparently in the handling 'feel' of them. The brushes clean with soap and water, and there is very little scent. They handle the same way, with thinner and medium/linseed oil, etc. I do not mix my paints with water, as that can lead to the paint binder failing.

I prefer the Cobras for the colour intensity and handling, but Artisans are my second choice, and less costly. Despite the wise artists who advise using the finest oils a person can find, I am limiting myself in budget while I learn and try to sell a few.

The paintings take several days to dry to light touch, and I varnish only after 1 year, giving that time to ensure they have cured properly.

best of luck with your paintings and thanks for the comments.

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