Hello all this is a Donation Request for Art and Craft Supplies

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DenisePitts wrote
on 14 Sep 2012 8:15 AM

American Health/Denise Pitts
173 South Winstead Ave.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804


Sept. 12th, 2012

Dear  Artist Community,

I, Denise Pitts of American Health LLC, am writing to you on behalf of American Health LLC, an organization that works with Adult MR patients and in home healthcare for the elderly in Nash, Edgecombe, Wake, Greenville Halifax and Wilson Counties. Some of our clients as I mentioned before are MR-DD (Mental Retardation with developmental disabilities).  Some of these clients attend a continuing education class at the local community college here in Nash County at Nash Community College. During the past two years we have noticed that these beautiful, wonderful people have no creative outlet. They have very little to no funding for arts and crafts and very few if any at all materials for artistic projects. The clients had to bring some of their own materials from home. We estimate that today there are 75-80  young adults in these classes that are passionate about art and are very skillful but sadly are not able to show their talents and or to expand their artful skills. We feel that this artistic drive should be supported by local companies that work in this field.  While working with these clients I have noticed their artistic abilities are not only astounding, but expression through art makes them happy. Its amazing the happiness on their faces when they are allowed to create and learn new things. Many of these materials will be used for our elderly clients as well. We have many clients who knit, paint and sew but do not have the means nor the ability to obtain these craft supplies or a place to give them this outlet of artistic expression. Art, crafts and music fills their hearts and minds. In many cases it relaxes them. We have found that music therapy and art therapy are wonderful learning tools for them. This is why American Health is committed to doing this project. 

Your donation will bring us closer to our goal of supplying three classes with art supplies. Many business and community leaders are on board as well as a few of individuals. Our company is clearly excited and eager to see this project succeed. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting them with a donation of any art supplies that you can spare. We are more happy to acknowledge your donation at www.americanhealthnc.comas well as a newsletter update that we will be dedicated  to showcase projects completed by the clients from all donations, (unless you prefer otherwise).

I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization for donations. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact me at the address given above or at pitts.denise@rocketmail.com

Thank you, Denise LaChance` Pitts


1.)    Paints

2.)    Color Pencils

3.)    Smocks

4.)    Canvas

5.)    Any type of beginner musical instruments.

6.)    Knitting materials

7.)    Beads

8.)    Chain or memory wire and closures.

9.)    Tools for wire cutting.

10.) String

11.) Drawing and or sketching paper

12.) Containers for growing plants.

13.) Flower seeds

14.) Clear Christmas ornaments.

15.) Glitter

16.) Ribbon

17.) Your craft Scrap Material.

18.) Anything that you feel will advance them in their creative flow.


Any supplies,  even if it’s a pack of colored construction paper is welcomed and very much appreciated. Once again American Health would like to thank you for your support and heart felt understanding.  You are making a difference in these people’s lives and putting smiles on their faces.


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