Drawing, Painting... I am beginner

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Simon236 wrote
on 15 Jun 2012 3:35 PM

Hello :) I am new here :) I am beginner. I don´t speak English but I learning... (sorry for mistakes)

I would like to: - drawing with pencils and charcoals

                           - painting with acrylics   

                           - drawing with pastels and colour pencils

What will I buy pencils, rubbers, charcoals, paintbrushs, pastels colour pencils (What is the difference between pastel pencils andt watercolour pencils? ), easel, acrylics, drawing paper and anything tools ? 

Next:  How to draw with --------> Charcoal ?

                                            --------> Pencils ?

                                            --------> Acrylics ?

                                            --------> Pastels ? 

                                            --------> Colour pencils?


Thanks for advices... :) 

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shasta737 wrote
on 5 Jul 2012 2:37 PM

Welcome to the awesome world of art! It really all depends on how much you have to spend on art supplies. I got all my stuff at hobby lobby and michaels craft stores, I didn't want to pay a lot when i first started out.

 i would say start with  basic brushes, and build your tools from there. 

acrylic wise Golden acrylics are great, I use a little bit of a cheaper brand i use liquitex Basic brand.  I'll be honest though i only use acrylics to prime my canvases as i prefer oil paints, they are more forgiving, and easier to blend. and they don't dry on you as fast.

The difference between pastels and watercolors is that the water color pencils when you are done drawing with them you can take a watercolor paintbrush and add water to the drawing letting the water spread out the colors, giving it a more fluid look.

My easel I paid 19.00 for at walmart, its sturdy, light weight, and i can take it out to paint plein air. Later on i would like to invest in a more solid wooden easel for my studio.

You will want to get a pallete knife to mix your paints, and if painting with acrylics use water as your medium to make the paint thinner and more spreadable. 

Sorry i can't be of much help with the charcoals, i don't sketch much, so i just bought a cheap set of charcoal pencils, to play with.

I hope this helps!

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