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Skat52 wrote
on 7 May 2012 12:54 PM

Hi,  I have a question.  I decided to try my hand at oil painting but realized without some sort of instruction I was not going to get anywhere soon.  I started taking a class from an area artist & she made me start by drawing.  Several things bothered me but one stuck in my  mind. She said to not draw an actual leaf as it will make your work look like an amateur`s piece ??  What is your take on this?  

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naefrond1982 wrote
on 11 May 2012 8:53 AM

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watermike wrote
on 15 May 2012 6:37 PM

She may mean that you should consider drawing the shapes of the shadows or values that you see & the negative spaces - and when you draw those, what you'll end up with will be identifiable as a leaf, but much more interesting.

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shasta737 wrote
on 5 Jul 2012 3:22 PM

thats understandable that she would recommend you start out with sketching, as most of the great artist insisted their apprentises start out by learning the basics in sketching, because when you do a black and white sketch you have to learn how to use shadows and light to portray and image, that will ulimatley help you when you start painting to understand the values of shadows and highlights,

But to make you start there is unneccessary, I started taking art lessons in august of 2011, and my art teacher is awesome, he let me chose my medium of choice and worked with me in that medium. i chose to teach my self to sketch. 

I am an artist that Loves detail, I am impressed when i see an impressionistic painting, but i am amazed when i see a realisim style painting with all of these awesome details that make me feel like i can reach out and touch the image. So I have to say look at the leaf, and really see it. look at if there are any spots on it, and any other colors other than green, and look at the lines and how the veins in it make it look like it has been sown almost. and look at the little hills and dips on it, and find a way to convey where the light is touching it, and where it rounds up or whithers on the edges.  I am sure your teacher is awesome  but just like i had to learn for myself every teacher is an artist, and they have their way of doing their art, and they can only show you their way. so thats why i took it in my own hands to study other artists work, that way i have a vast resource to make myself better!

Good luck with your art classes and your painting!

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