Art Technical Q&A: Mounting Linen on Masonite

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I have always used cotton canvas for my oil paintings, but I would now like to start using linen. Can I mount the primed linen on Masonite as I have done with cotton canvas, or does it need to be stretched?

Primed linen canvas can be mounted onto Masonite in the same manner as cotton canvas. Oil-primed canvas is more flexible than acrylic-primed canvas, which is an advantage if you intend to wrap the edges of the canvas around the panel. The best adhesive is hide glue. Hide glue is easy to use and apply, and if there is ever a need for restorative treatment the canvas can be removed from the panel. The disadvantage of hide glue is its vulnerability to moisture penetration, which can cause the canvas to loosen from the support. Acrylic emulsion gel or acrylic gloss medium are good adhesives that are not prone to moisture penetration, but these glues are more permanent.

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