Finishing coatings for acrylics

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georgetroy wrote
on 25 Feb 2013 2:47 PM

I just today put an Acrylic gloss medium over one of my flower paintings. The painting is on 300 lb. hot press paper, which has one coat gesso, than painted over that with Acrylic paints. I let it dry overnight before coating. The medium is water based and I added a little bit of burnt umber to it. Has nice shine which I like. Too me this is all in the family and should have no reaction of any kind. I don't plan to put in glass over it.

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moira444 wrote
on 26 Aug 2013 2:55 PM

THIS HELPED ME SO MUCH! I'm a beginner painter, this answered my question perfectly! Thank you so much :)

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on 30 Jul 2014 3:33 PM

Excellent info!  Thank you.

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Rick Schimpf wrote
on 30 Jul 2014 11:24 PM

Hi Nancy and everyone. I've been away from ArtistDaily for a long time. When I received the comment from nancyjaneprice2 I went back and read through the discussion about finishing coats and thought I would share a couple additional experiences I've had. First, I've been fortunate enough to occasionally have a painting or two accepted in local galleries and one of the first things I was told when I brought my paintings in for my first gallery exhibit was to remove the glass from my painting. The glass was nonglare but I was still directed to remove the glass because it still had some glare to it and detracted from the display of the painting. Since I had coated it with a gloss varnish glass wasn't needed and perhaps the combination of the  gloss coating and the glass was an overkill.

My other rather embarassing experience had to do with another painting that I had coated, glassed, and stored away. About a year or more later I pulled the painting out for a show. It was dusty. So, I started to remove the painting from the frame and glass to give everything a good cleaning. Unfortunately, when I stored to painting, I apparently didn't store it properly and the painting was stored while touching the glass. When I attempted to remove the painting, it was stuck to the glass in several places. The lesson learned from this experience for me is to never store paintings in a way that that painted surface is in contact with anything. Additionally, it is possible that I may have not allowed the varnish to totally cure before framing with glass and storing. Bottom line is that I will coat my acryic paintings with a high quality varnish. I will store them in a way that there is air space between the painted surfaces of the paintings, and finally I don't think I'll ever again glass my paintings.

Hope sharing my experiences can be of help.

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