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Jerry Stith wrote
on 19 Jan 2011 11:21 AM

SUGGESTIONS: Vinnie, here’s a list of things I’ve done within my life time that worked for me. I hope some of these ideas prove beneficial to you.
1. Create as many scribbles, doodles, inkling, sketches, renderings, drawings or illustrations as possible.
2. Obtain archival ISO/DIN ballpoint pens or refills.
3. Obtain as many different colored ballpoint pens or refills.
4. Obtain acid free or PH neutral paper.
5. Work outside or from life as much as possible. (totally recommended)
6. Look into new archival surfaces. (non paper)
7. Produce a statement pertaining to your life or background.
8. Express your views about what mediums or media you’re using. (promote & recognize virtues)
9. Help as many other people or artists as possible. (providing information or support)
10. Learn perspective, form, lighting, texture, shading or how to draw.
11. Read art magazines, booklets, books, articles or reviews pertaining to the art world.
12. Study advertising, marketing, sales, promotions, public relations, production art, publishing.
13. Visit art galleries, museums, groups, openings and public exhibits.
14. Organize, photograph or scan your artworks.
15. Frame, mat and display your artworks around your house, studio or office.
16. Give away as many sketches or artworks as you can.
17. Try to get your friends or family members involved with your art.
18. If you draw from pictures buy a camera and work from your own materials.
19. If you’re working from a picture enlarge it as big as you can.
20. Use natural lighting as often as possible if working indoors is of interest.
21. Learn as much as you can about pricing. Investigate commercial art price scales.
22. Look into art contracts, laws, copy rights, practices and reproduction.
23. Make your own business cards, stationary and letterheads.
24. Produce your own blog or web site.
25. Post your art or words of wisdom on many message boards, networks, forums or social networks.
26. Learn how to operate different software programs.
27. Experiment many different mixed media or medium.
28. Communicate with other artists.
29. Speck highly about yourself. Count your blessings not your sorrows!
30. Get a life or become productive!
31. Produce statements of your achievements.
32. Make suggestions of how to help others.
33. Publish as many other artists works as possible.
34. Explain your goals, programs or projects.
35. Publish art related materials for others.
36. Publish list of colored ballpoint pens and archival inks
37. Produce as many mixed media or medium as possible to broaden our art movements base line.
38. Produce commercial formats because advertising works.
39. Help as many beginners, youth or others as possible.
40. Publish as many different levels of artworks as possible because that reaches out to more people.
41. Have an easy to navigate Web site or blog.
42. Be professional in public all the time.
43. Deal with facts, figures and reality all the time.
44. Communicate with as many others as possible.
45. Work at night, in poor lighting or under non perfect conditions to teach yourself how to see.
46. Don't pay attention to negative people which means stay focused and deal with supportive others.
47. Deal with your art as a business.
48. Stick to your morals, principles, values, ethics and values.
49. Practise or do as much art works as possible. Being prolific really counts.
50. Pray to God, obey him and work within his Kingdom!

Jerry Stith

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Shalyn890 wrote
on 7 Jul 2013 9:22 PM

Jerry, I realize the above post is old but I wonder, have you ever found BROWN ballpoint pens? If so, where? I have come across one occasionally, in a G2 Pilot multi-color pack. I also recently have seen InkJoy with one in its package. However, overall Brown seems to be elusive. Have you had any success with finding it?



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stride wrote
on 16 Aug 2013 4:05 PM

Hi Jerry,

I can help you.  Our company is the US distributor for Schneider. You are missing many of the Schneider pens that could be included on your list.  Please feel free to contact me and I will provide you with the information.



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Prince Kumar wrote
on 23 Apr 2014 4:25 AM

Well i must admit that papermate is indeed a good quality pen. Even i have used it for my sketches. Its good 

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