New Drawing Resource for fans of traditional 2D character art (Think Disney, Don Bluth, etc.)

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DragoCG wrote
on 21 Jul 2010 8:10 PM

I wanted to share a link to a new instructional DVD series that is teaching artists how to draw traditional 2D characters like those they've seen on the big screen for the past 60 years.  The first two DVD's have been released, and there is an entire slate of programs in production. 

You will learn the techniques of a 30 year veteran animator who has worked at Disney, ILM, Don Bluth Studios, and other major animation houses.

Stay tuned... more exciting news in the near future!

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Jules29 wrote
on 9 Dec 2010 12:15 AM

Wow! this is fantastic. I really wanna know the secrets of great artist especially of those who worked in Disney. This website will surely help a lot of wannabe's like me. Thank you for sharing this site. 

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