Learning to paint with water media

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on 7 Apr 2010 9:24 AM

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I have been doing drawings and oil paintings off and on ever since I remember.  I am fascinated by watercolor paintings.  I took a class at one of the community college few years ago.  While in the class, I came across a photograph in one of the magazine that I tried to paint.  Since I am use to oil painting, it looks more like an oil painting than a watercolor painting.  What do you think?

Any suggestions to improve the watercolor techniques or guidance to use sites that helps improve watercolor technique will be very helpful to me.  I want to really learn about watercolor painting and am having hard time to enjoy it.  Thanks. 


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YSokolov wrote
on 8 Apr 2010 7:46 AM

Hi, designerunlimited!

I have to say that the flower is well done, the only thing I would suggest is to darken the background, it may help with the composition. May be use some blurry leafs or something along those lines. 

I have been painting with watercolors for a while and what I hear is that the best resource is to go to the workshops. Although you can always draw some knowledge a bit cheaper way, such as Cheap Joe's website with his short lessons. Also, you may pick up a book about watercolor that may be helpful to you. Otherwise I have to say it's all about practice and your intuition! Just keep painting!

Best regards



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on 8 Apr 2010 8:03 AM

Thanks Yvs - I think you are right about the background.  I will try it out.   I appreciate you guiding me to the resources that would help.  Have a great day..  DesignerUnlimited

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Mark Landes wrote
on 21 Apr 2010 12:00 PM

I found good teachers in Roland Hilder and Mario Cooper - both deceased but have

excellent books which start at the beginning.  Roland was a very accomplished illustrator

and painter and had great difficulty learning water color.  He is one of England's best known

watercolor artists.  Mario was head of the American WC Society for over 20 years.  They are both

great writers and very good teachers. 

Mark (www.marklandesfineart.blogspot.com)

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on 21 Apr 2010 12:04 PM

Hi Mark,


Thanks for taking time to reply to my post.  I will check them out.  Have a great day.

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