Workshops 2014: Fall 2014 Workshop Directory

Whatever stage you are in your career, there’s a class, a workshop, a tour, or a program that can inspire, edify and delight. Whether you’re ready to pursue a degree or you just want to try a new medium or travel to an exotic locale, here is an abundant array of possibilities. From Alaska to Mexico, from Missouri to Japan; in person or online; for a week or a semester: there’s something for everyone here.  

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Workshops 2014: Summer 2014 Workshop Directory


No less an inspiration, as teacher and artist, than Edgar A. Whitney (1894–1987) said, “There are only two things that matter in life—your friends and your art. Everything else is worthless.” What better way to practice
your art and make and retain friends than embarking on a workshop adventure together? To that end, we’ve collected 15 pages of class listings in every clime, in every medium, and for every level.


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Workshops 2014: Winter 2014 Workshop Directory

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”—Mahatma Gandhi’s words speak to the continuous, life-enhancing joy of learning something new. In the following pages, you’ll find a wealth of possibilities; whether you intend to travel far or near, whether you can set aside a day or a week, among more than 500 listings, there’s bound to be a workshop or class that’s perfect for you!


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Workshops 2013 & 2014: Winter 2013-2014 Workshop Directory

Experiment with an unfamiliar medium; draw the figure from life; set up your easel in the Tuscan countryside—even considering all the possibilities is fun! What follows are more than 300 options that feature the best instructors in the most beautiful locations. Share the list with a friend and plan an adventure. The best way to escape winter’s doldrums is to learn something new.        

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Workshops 2013 Special School Workshop Directory: A Complete Guide to Workshops Here and Abroad

 In this special edition you'll find your complete guide for workshops here and abroad with more than 330 possibilities to explore. Perfect your craft,learn something new, find a mentor, make friends for life. You won't find anything like the workshop experience anywhere in the world!

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Workshops 2013 Summer and Fall: A Complete Guide to Workshops Here and Abroad

Whatever medium you want to work in, whomever you want to study with, wherever you want to go, and whatever you want to learn—here are more than 300 possibilities to explore. Perfect your craft, learn something new, find a mentor, make friends for life: there’s absolutely nothing in the world like the workshop experience!


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Workshops 2013: A Complete Guide to Workshops Here and Abroad

Whether you want an adventure en plein air, a lesson in drawing, an introduction to a medium, an experiment with a style—or simply a chance to   devote yourself wholly to painting for a few blissful days, there’s a workshop listed   here for you.  We’ve rounded up the most popular instructors, the most prestigious ateliers, the best schools and the widest range of styles and media. Welcome to more than 350 possibilities! With this guide you can dream but also plan ahead.




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