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    acrylic painting figure painting how to paint for beginners how to paint landscapes
    Acrylic Painting

    Acrylic paints dry much quicker than oils, allowing an artist to create depth and a sense of volume by adding successive layers of color to the painting canvas with only minutes in between for drying time. The eBook is ideal for both the beginner—one who is painting for the first time and looking for reliable, experienced painting instruction—as well as the more advanced student.

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    Gesture & Figure Painting

    If you can master gesture painting, then you'll have mastered one of the most challenging portrait painting techniques you can encounter. Begin right here, with our free art lessons on painting figures. Human figure painting is broken down to the basics so you'll be able to pick it up in no time.

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    How to Paint for Beginners

    Learning to paint can be an intimidating process, but with free expert tips, you can master basic painting techniques in no time. This painting tutorial offers surface mixing tips for an extensive range of color using oil, watercolor, or pastel, and the importance of priming and staining to prevent surface absorption. This free collection of techniques will teach you how to paint step-by-step.

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    How to Paint Landscapes

    Create easy landscape paintings with this step-by-step demo by accomplished American landscape artists. You'll learn to make realistic landscape paintings in oil, as well as trying your hand at watercolor landscape painting. Landscape artwork is never easy, but it's never been more straightforward than it is in these free tutorials. What are you waiting for?

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    mixed media painting how to oil paint painting flowers how to paint water
    Mixed Media Painting

    Mixed media painting combines different painting and drawing materials and methods to create one unique piece of artwork. Discover the endless possibilities that come with mixed media artwork. Whether you are a veteran mixed media artist or have yet to mix media in your work, this free collection of techniques to create mixed media paintings is one you'll turn to again and again.

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    Oil Painting Techniques

    Oil painting, for beginners or long time artists, is so much more rewarding when you learn to capture the total sense of your subject, creating oil art from a specific point of view rather than tediously reproducing the elements of what you paint. These 8 expert oil painting tips will help you enhance your oil painting art, giving you the tools to express your oil art with taste without limiting your artistic expression.

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    Painting Flowers

    Expressing action dynamically is important in every painting composition and flower paintings are no different. Discover the basic principles for building a design around dynamic action to help the larger shape, concept, or idea form in your floral paintings. Learn how to paint flowers with the same dramatic expression you would with any other subject.

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    Painting Water

    Most artists agree that the skill of painting water is essentially painting from memory. Water is constantly moving and colors and light change with the time of day. Fortunately for the artist, water form and movement is predictable. Learning to paint water can be an intimidating process, but with our free expert tips, you can master the skill in no time. Explore water painting techniques from other experts through their shared experiences and practices.

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    pastel painting how to oil paint painting portraits how to paint still life
    Pastel Painting

    Looking for pastel painting lessons? Follow Federico's pastel painting techniques and pastel drawing tips and develop your own color method to achieve spontaneity and energy in your pastel paintings. Get detailed tips to play with texture, use glaze and underpaint to intensify your color effects, achieve passion in your pastel paintings, and more.

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    Plein Air Painting

    See immediate results in your plein air paintings by applying these free expert tips. Donal W. Demers walks you through his take on plein air oil painting. He describes what he teaches in his workshops for plein air painters, helping you achieve successful plein air paintings through technical exercises. Andy Evansen describes his trip to China with a group of artists and demonstrates the pros and cons of plein air watercolor.

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    Portrait Painting

    Learn key techniques to create stunning painted portraits from two expert portrait painters in this beautiful eBook. Watercolor portrait artist, Janet Rogers makes the process of painting a watercolor portrait seem almost effortless in that she captures the likeness and personality of her subjects without laboring over all the details. Also follow portrait painter, John Howard Sanden, as he breaks the process of oil portrait painting into detailed stages of development.

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    Still Life Painting

    Artist Daily presents a free eBook representing some of the clearest insight into still life paintings and other still life art, giving you a virtual still life demo to learn from. What better way to learn from than through some top still life artists? Whether you are a veteran at still life oil painting or simply want some basics on still life painting for beginners, this free still life painting instruction eBook is one you'll turn to again and again.

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    watercolor painting tutorial      

    Watercolor painting presents many unique possibilities for the use of negative space, brilliance, and the illusion of volume. In this watercolor tutorial, artist Ali Cavanaugh shares her watercolor painting tips and demonstrates her entire process of watercolor painting from setting up the model, to adding the finishing touches. Discover tips on watercolor painting for beginners and experts alike with this informative collection.

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    charcoal drawing lessons how to draw with colored pencils how to draw humans drawing a cylinder
    Charcoal Drawing

    In Artist Daily's free charcoal drawing video, Wynter mentions the difference between hard charcoal and soft charcoal, clarifying that soft charcoal is the one he recommends learning how to draw charcoal gradation with because it can be easily lightened or darkened—an asset when you are first learning charcoal painting and charcoal drawing.

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    Colored Pencil Techniques

    As a medium, colored pencils are rapidly growing to a higher level of appreciation in the art world today. Many artists want the lushness of color and the precision of a drawing, as well as the ability to mix the two with their painting practices as well. In Artist Daily's free eBook, artist Janie Gildow gives a colored pencil tutorial based on her own artistic practices that shows just how adaptable colored pencils can be.

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    Drawing Anatomy

    As an artist trying to understand the structure of the human body's forms, you are more likely to retain and absorb the information if you refer to the text as you draw from the diagrams, consciously asking yourself what function each muscle or muscle group serves, where it begins, and where it ends. If you've been seeking a free body drawing art lesson, let this free guide be your first step in mastering the skill of drawing the human body and hand drawing.

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    Drawing Basic Shapes

    Whether you're looking for drawing lessons for beginners or basic drawing tips to improve your art, the experts at Artist Daily have you covered. This free eBook includes all the fundamental step by step drawing tips you need to get started with step by step lessons for beginners, easy drawing exercises for all, and great ways to improve technique.

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    how to draw faces figure gesture drawing how to draw dogs how to draw for beginners
    Drawing Faces

    This free art tutorial explains the importance of understanding all aspects of the human head if you want to impart a dynamic look into your face drawings. They suggest not concentrating exclusively on the front of the face and its features. Understanding the anatomy of the face helps artists successfully depict particular facial features. Discover expert guidelines and solutions to the complex task of drawing a face that is full of life.

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    Figure Drawing

    Bringing life to your human figure drawings is about drawing what the model is doing, not what it looks like. The most important part in drawing figures is being able to show things happening, events occurring or about to occur. Learn how to draw human figures and learn new figure sketching techniques with expert figure drawing artist, Patricia Hannaway as she focuses on drawing movement.

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    How to Draw Animals

    Drawing animals is not just a matter of picking a four-legged subject and jumping in. For drawing animals in a way that you’ll be able to learn good artistic habits and hone your skills as an artist, you first want to really get to know your materials. Step by step, you’ll discover how to draw a dog, how to draw a cat, and how to create horse drawings—both a thoroughbred horse drawing and a horse drawing of a foal.

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    How to Draw for Beginners

    Learning how to draw can be challenging, but if you can learn and master the drawing techniques in this free eBook then you are well on your way to drawing with confidence and accuracy, which is what any draftsman aspires to. With this free eBook, you'll have access to these free drawing lessons online and can get started right away.

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    how to draw flowers how to draw people how to draw perspective how to draw with pen and ink
    How to Draw Flowers

    Take your “studio” outdoors and draw flowers to your heart’s content using nature itself as your model. Using photographs of flowers, sketch artificial flowers, or create a still-life flower drawing set-ups that bring nature indoors. With this free art tutorial, you’ll be all set to take on any flower drawing that you choose.

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    How to Draw People

    The experts at Artist Daily have gathered their best tips and techniques for drawing people in this illustrated free eBook. The first part of this free tutorial will walk you through how to draw hands, a face, and how to render the envelope and gesture of the human body. Whether you are trying to take a classic or a more modern approach to drawing people, this free eBook will give you all the knowledge you need to successfully draw people.

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    How to Draw Perspective

    Perspective is the art of drawing or painting what the eye sees, in other words, making two dimensional objects seem three. Artists use a variety of perspective drawing techniques to create the illusion of distance and depth on a flat surface.This free tutorial will help guide your perspective drawing efforts, starting with a basic one-point perspective, moving onto additional angles and formations with two-point perspective, and ending with a three-point perspective overview.

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    Ink Drawing

    Get this expert guide and explore the wonderful possibilities of pen and ink drawing. Learn tips that can be applied to ink drawings or ink paintings that are as rich or delicate with ink as you desire. In its most elementary form, a pen and ink drawing is stark black marks against a white surface. But artists who've spent time inking their way across a page know that drawing with ink can actually be an incredibly subtle and finessed endeavor if you use ink drawing techniques that allow for a slow build-up of dark areas for value contrast.

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    landscape drawing how to draw a model how to draw with pencils how to draw shading
    Landscape Drawing Techniques

    If you are eager to foray into nature and create art, this free eBook is a smart and unique place to start because you can learn how artists and instructors approach drawing landscapes. Learn from their experiences so you can make the most of your time drawing landscapes! With this free art course, you'll learn how to choose the right surface for your landscape drawing experiments, the pros of using pastel, and what goes into drawing water in your chosen landscape drawing scene.

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    Life Drawing

    The experts at Artist Daily have compiled 11 valid reasons why attending life drawing lessons and learning how to draw models will improve your art. Life drawing is a consistently rewarding artistic expression, because there is so much to take in. Just as a musician, dancer, or athlete must practice and train to maintain a level of excellence, drawing the figure from life on a regular basis keeps an artist's visual and spatial abilities in good form—calisthenics for the artist's craft.

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    How to Draw with Pencil

    Develop all aspects of pencil drawing by advancing your understanding of values when you download all 27 free pencil drawing lessons! Pencil drawing can add incredible dimension and detail to all of your works. When you 'conceal & reveal' you can discover how the careful use of light and darks around the figure to provide power and dynamic force. Discover free pencil drawing techniques to help beginners and experts alike enhance their pencil drawings.

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    No matter what you draw, if the proper amount of gradation is not understood, the illusion of form will suffer. The human figure for example, if drawn without gradations, appears to have sharp edges that resemble boxes. Adding the proper pencil shading through gradations reveals the true character of the forms. Learn how to render any physical surface by expressing its relation to the light source with gradations with this free eBook dedicated to shading techniques.

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    how to sketch how to draw a mermaid    
    Sketching Tutorial

    Learning how to sketch is a fundamental skill for all artists. Follow an expert on anatomy sketches and portrait sketching through fundamental sketching techniques. Study sketch drawings and discover how this artist expresses his models' gestures with vigorous strokes, capturing the rhythm of what he sees, finding the perfect balance between the positive and negative shapes of his subject.

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    Fantasy Art

    Exploring the realm of the mind with fantasy images is creativity at its very best and this eBook allows you to explore the materials, techniques, and processes of artists who work in fantasy art. Get an introduction to the many avenues of exploration inherent in fantasy art, drawing cartoons, and sequential art like that found in comics, the cinema, and graphic novels.

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    Art Theory & Marketing

    acrylic painting how to make money from art free art color wheel drawing competition topics
    US Copyright for Artists

    Raise your awareness of the issues surrounding North American copyright laws and give credit to the talented writers, designers, artists, photographers, and innovators who work with us to share their products and ideas with our readers. This guide to the basics of copyright is for anyone and everyone: designers and makers, crafters, retailers, library staff, educators, and more.

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    How to Make Money from Art

    In the free art lesson you’ll have access to the art and business information that you need to take significant steps in your own art business or on behalf of your clients if you are pursuing art for business. Being successful in the art business is really as simple as that--a matter of getting to know the cornerstones of marketing art, selling art, photographing art, and displaying art.

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    Free Color Wheel

    See how great artists used their advanced knowledge of color theory to create interesting and powerful color schemes that illustrate contrast of extension, complementary contrast, and simultaneous color contrast. This free art lesson gives you the sound knowledge and instruction on the main aspects of color, so that you can paint anything and everything with strong and true colors.

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    Art Competition Topics

    A call for artists usually has a wide reach and many artists across the country and across the world will be alongside you when it comes to submitting work. So how do you make your work stand out in the drawing competitions, painting competitions, and online art competitions you enter? Download your free resource for entering art contests today!

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    how to draw from photos      
    Photo Reference

    There is a lot to assess in the process of painting from photographs, and plenty of pitfalls. Knowing how to use a photo reference and that there are certain limitations to that process is important for every artist to understand. Get one expert artist's advice on the best supplies to use and tips for capturing a strong photo reference to work from in this free downloadable eBook.

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