Colored Pencil Techniques: Create Faster, Richer Effects in Your Colored Pencil Drawings

As a medium, colored pencils are rapidly growing to a higher level of appreciation in the art world today. Artist Daily has compiled free tips and techniques for achieving fresh and innovative effects in this free eBook. Many artists over the years have come to find out that color pencils are a very unforgiving medium. However, following this free tutorial, you may find how fulfilling and uplifting working with color pencils to be.


Colored pencil art is on the rise. Many artists want the lushness of color and the precision of a drawing implement, and the ability to mix the two with their painting practices as well. In our new free drawing lesson, Colored Pencil Techniques: Create Faster, Richer Effects in Your Colored Pencil Drawings, artist Janie Gildow gives a tutorial based on her own artistic practices that show just how adaptable this medium can be.




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What makes this medium so special? For one, color pencils are very affordable. Artists on a limited budget will be glad to know, that color pencils are a very low-cost medium. Secondly, the options for color are virtually endless and pencils are extremely lightweight and portable. Furthermore, in terms of art effects, you can get as detailed and controlled with color pencils as you want. Discover the versatility of colored pencils; you can mix them with just about any other medium and apply them to a number of different surfaces.


Techniques for Creating Richer Drawings

Faster, Richer, Effects in Colored Pencil


Janie Gildow teaches techniques of layering over watercolor washes and applying the wax-based pencils on black board. Both techniques help artists create richer drawings in less time. Gildow’s expert tips have helped her students select colors and know how to combine them by demonstrating exactly what happens when two or more colors are layered over each other. She suggests going through the exercises, no matter how much experience or natural ability one might have."

"I’m especially fond of drawing water in a glass, droplets of water on flower petals, or refracted light coming through crystal. Students are often dazzled by drawings of those subjects and want to know my secrets, and I show them that it’s a relatively simple process of looking carefully and analyzing ways of capturing those images." – Janie Gildow


Colored Pencil Art

The Color Predictor


Learn about the color wheel Gildow developed to help her students produce tints, tones, shades, and complements. It takes some experience in working with the medium to know how to judge which will be the best approach to realizing one’s intentions. That’s why she developed the Color Predictor for her students to help them understand what happens when you combine colors in specific ways. One may have difficulty choosing the colors they’ll need for layering local color, highlighting colors, forming shadow colors, and punching in cast shadows. The Color Predictor explains how to develop tints, tones, shades, and complements in color pencil art.


Colored Pencil Technique

Creating Texture and Experimenting with Surfaces


Another mixed-media technique Gildow employs is building up the surface of the paper with layers of pastel, spraying a light mist of fixative, and then drawing. "Layers of pastel can create a slightly rougher texture once they are sealed with fixative," she explains. In her exploration, Gildow also became interested in working on colored papers and boards. She later experimented with other types of colored board and paper, because the toned surface helped unify the composition and reduce the amount of time required to complete a satisfying drawing.

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Learn one colored pencil technique after another from a renowned artist who has years of experience using colored pencils in her work. The tips included in this guide provide you with information and techniques for achieving stunning results in your color pencil sketches.