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Storm at Sea by Robert Reynolds.

7 Ways to Get Your Compositions Right the First Time

Painting Lessons for Powerful Shapes & Forms Composition is king! But the ‘how’ of that ascension to the throne starts with basic steps–simple things you can do to put your painting’s design on the right path. Here are seven painting lessons in the basic areas you should take into account when designing your composition for…

El Moro #2, Cemetary, Old San Juan by Judith Carducci, pastel drawing.

Is It Pastel Drawing or Pastel Painting?

Stirring Up the Confusing Controversy Many pastelists consider their pieces to be paintings. Many others think of the medium in terms of drawing. To further complicate the issue, I’ve heard dozens of artists speak about the medium both in painting terms as well as drawing ones — sometimes within the span of the same breath!…

Shah Jahan, Remembrandt | Shorthand Drawing Techniques | Artist Daily

The Shorthand Drawing Style of a Certifiable Genius

Rembrandt Was Brill. Drawing Tutorials That Show You Why… Okay, I don’t even know how to certify a genius, but I know I am right about one thing: Rembrandt was one. The greatest of the great Dutch masters, Rembrandt made art that was a revelation then and now. That goes for his paintings, of course,…